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„A noble bearing“

Cylindrical Plain Bearing Bushes

Whether in agricultural machinery, domestic appliances or industrial systems: Wherever two surfaces move relative to one another, plain bearings are used. The most frequent type is the cylindrical plain bearing bush, which allows even parts subject to heavy loads to rotate relative to one another with only a minimum of friction and wear. The best values are achieved when bearings are made from sintered material, that is to say metal powder compacted in to the required shape under high pressure. Their pores can be filled with lubricant which is then released in response to load. In addition, solid lubricants can be introduced in the perforated inside of the bushes to further increase the functioning, service life and freedom from maintenance of the plain bearings.

With or without flange

Cylindrical plain bearing bushes made from composite sintered material as in the model shown here can be produced perfectly using the BIMERIC BM 3000 servo production and assembly system. The process includes various steps, including the cutting, bending and calibration of the sintered strip. The bush can be manufactured with or without flange – at output rates of up to 80 parts per minute. This performance capability, coupled with outstanding parts quality and low parts costs, makes the BIMERIC BM 3000 the ideal production solution for plain bearings.

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