Highlights RM 40K

Compact, powerful machine system for mass production of small stamped and formed precision parts

  • High production speeds up to 350 1/min.
  • Perfectly designed for radial and linear tooling concepts
  • Rigid 90 kN two-point eccentric press for precise cuttings
  • Large center aperture in the work-plate for flexible central mandrel movements
  • Rapid tool-exchange system for shortest changeover time
  • User friendly VC 1E control with 15” touch screen

Production of "Winding elements" - click here for more info


Technical Data

Stroke rate: Steplessly from 5 to max. 350 1/min
Press: Nominal stamping force 90 kN,
stroke 12 mm
Slide units: Nominal bending force max. 60 mm,
stroke max. 40 mm
Feed length: Mech. feed: max. 240 mm, with feed
time reduction, servo feed: any
Material: Strip thickness max. 4 mm, strip width
max. 60 mm, wire Ø max. 4 mm
(depending on material and process)
Dimensions: Width 2.020 mm x depth 1.330 mm x
height 2.030 mm
Weight: Approx. 2.000 kg (without tooling)


Technology in Motion - RM 40K

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