Highlights CC 1

Powerful machining system for mass production of longer and larger-sized stamped and formed parts as well as sub-assemblies

  • High production speeds of up to 200 1/min.
  • NC feed units available for long feed lengths
  • Strong 800 kN eccentric press arranged beside the work plate
  • Extended press space for larger cutting tools
  • Entire work plate available for additional processing steps (contact welding, tapping, inserting screws etc.)
  • Large aperture in face plate to allow for several central mandrels
  • Short changeover times with rapid tool clamping system
  • Easy and secure operation with VariControl VC 1


Technical Data

Stroke rate: variable drive control from 5 to max. 200 1/min.
Press: nominal stamping capacity 800 kN,
stroke 30 mm
Slide units: max. nominal forming capacity 160 kN, max. stroke 140 mm
Feed length: NC gripper feed: max. 500 mm, NC roller feed: any feed length
Material: max. strip thickness: 10 mm, max. strip width 160 mm, max. wire Ø 10 mm
Dimensions: width 4,200 mm x depth 1,900 mm x height 2,600 mm
Weight: approx. 12,000 kg (depending on units and tooling)

Technology in Motion - CC 1

Brochure COMBITEC CC 1
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