Bihler Processing Center BZ 1 for stamped and formed parts and sub-assemblies (multislide machine)


Highlights BZ 1

Powerful, flexibly applicable manufacturing systems for higher forming capacities and larger-sized strip dimensions

  • Perfect adaptation for individual customer solutions following the module design principle
  • High production speeds up to 150 1/min.
  • Open machine concept guarantees easy access for rapid and easy tool changeover and tool maintenance
  • Easy integration of all Bihler key technologies (welding, tapping, screw insertion etc.)
  • Easy and secure operation with VariControl VC 1


Technial Data

Stroke rate: variable drive control from 5 to
max. 150 1/min.
Press: nominal stamping capacity 300 kN,
stroke 16 mm (stronger presses on request)
Slide units: max. nominal forming capacity 120 kN,
max. stroke 95 mm
Feed length: mech. feed: max. 500 mm, with feed cycle reduction, servo feed: any feed length (as option)
Material: max. strip thickness: 10 mm, max. strip
width 160 mm, max. wire Ø 10 mm
Dimensions: width 3,130 mm x depth 2,100 mm x
height 3,100 mm (with protection unit)
Weight: approx. 16,000 kg (without units and tooling)

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