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Bihler Software

Bihler Technology Software bNX

As specialist in the field of punching, bending and assembly technology we are pleased to present our new 3D complete solution. The Bihler Technology Software bNX – based on the SIEMENS Industry Software 3D CAD/CAM/CAE Software NX – provides optimum support in the development and design of Bihler tools and allows the simple and safe use of Bihler technologies.

NX is a software solution supporting the entire design and manufacturing process. Based on the Parasolid kernel an open, flexible and parametrizable 3D system for development and design, drafting and also for simulation and manufacturing has been created. Furthermore, the design of volumes and surfaces in fully, partially and non-parameterized form is possible.

The SIEMENS Industry Software NX WAVE technology is designed for a structured top-down approach in the product concept and development phase. WAVE technologies allow for the targeted creation and surveillance of geometric dependencies between assembly components. They offer advantages mainly during the development of complex products by major development teams.