Efficient automation solutions for wire manufacturing

Look to Bihler technology to enhance your production and to increase your profitability in the future.

Our modular, standardized machine and tool technology offers you efficient automation solutions for a wide range of wire forming manufacturing processes for many types of products - including, for example, such items as hairpins made of enameled flat wire, or sophisticated tension strap hangers made of steel wire. You will have the chance to view this advanced Bihler technology "live" at our booth at the Düsseldorf International Wire and Cable Industry Trade Fair on June 20 - 24, 2022.

You will also have the chance to see the new "Bihler Cockpit" digital tool, which is being exhibited for the first time. The “Bihler Cockpit” allows you to analyze your production processes easily and quickly, and to fully utilize the valuable optimization potential your Bihler machines offer. And the optimized bNX "forming study" is now even more intuitive and safer to use with new developments.

Visit our booth at WIRE Düsseldorf and find out more. We look forward to seeing you there.

Mathias Bihler
(Managing Partner)


Highlights at the WIRE

High-precision wire forming parts

We will be demonstrating at our booth the production of tension strap hangers made of 5 mm thick steel wire. The Bihler GRM-NC, with its radial forming tool, impresses with decisive advantages.

  • Very high production speeds
    The simultaneous forming operations enable production speeds of up to 100 parts per minute. In economic terms, Bihler technology thus offers clear advantages for medium to very large batch sizes.
  • Better quality
    Plus, forming from the inside out eliminates twisting and torsional effects, and guarantees exact dimensional accuracy and top quality products.
  • Additional processes
    And, in addition to the ten forming operation, the tension strap hangers are also coined and cut. Bihler technology also offers interfaces for other processes such as welding, laser marking, etc.

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All-in-one solution for hairpins

The BM-HP 3000 servo production system opens up new dimensions in the mass production of all common types of hairpins. Benefit from very high cycle rates up to 120 parts per minute along with simple and fast variant changes "on the fly".

The compact servo system, with its modular processing units, contains all the process steps for this production.

  • multi-stage straightening and highly dynamic, slip-free feeding of the wire
  • precise cutting to the straight length
  • NC-controlled mechanical stripping of the coating
  • simultaneous chamfering of the pin ends
  • 2D pre-bending in a parallel-cycle swivel-bending process
  • 3D die-bending of the final head shape
  • removal and mono-component storage

Precise control and flexible scalability
The precise control of the servo units via the central VariControl VC 1 guarantees one hundred percent reproducibility and top quality of the hairpins. The flexible scalability allows you to adapt the machine to future task.

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Realizing optimization potential

The new "Bihler Cockpit" product gets you directly to the beating heart of your Bihler machine. With the digital tool, you can visualize your entire Bihler production process, evaluate your production data quickly and easily, and realize valuable optimization potential.

The Bihler Cockpit is plug & play and offers easy-to-use and clearly marked functions for production analyses, and for order and information management.

  • The dashboard module provides you with the latest data on machine status and the latest control messages. You can track the progress of your production and introduce new orders in an even more targeted manner.
  • In the analysis module, you can quickly and easily evaluate your production data and create your own trend statistics for each Bihler machine with VC 1 control.
  • With the offline VC 1 module, you can carry out programming, training and updates offline while the machine continues to produce. This reduces downtime and increases cost efficiency.

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New bNX forming study

The optimized "Forming Study" is now even more intuitive and safer to use with new developments.

With this bNX application you can easily and quickly determine the exact blank geometries and the sequence of bending operations, taking into account the material properties and the k-factor. In addition to strip material, you can also create wire designs.

We have implemented the following development focuses:

- Expanding the feasible range of parts
- Minimize manual intervention
- Adopt advantage functions of PDW
- Linear arrangement of stages for a better overall view
- Definition of the machining step directly in the stage at the respective bend
- Immediate updating of the stages

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Virtual training on digital twin

The time span between the first customer inquiry and the acceptance and delivery date is getting shorter and shorter. With digital twins, project lead times can be significantly reduced and the quality of the software and machine increased. In addition to virtual commissioning, digital twins are also used at Bihler for training purposes.

Live presentation: Plant-specific training (machine and control VC 1) on digital twin

- Customized control training on digital customer machine
- Start of virtual machine including all tool components via VC 1 control panel
- Training on digital twin parallel to running production
- Real machine is no longer required for training purposes
- Process and function changes can be simulated directly ("trial and error")
- Training in a quiet atmosphere in the training center

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Modular servo power

Material feeding, stamping, forming, thread forming, screw joining, contact welding, assembly, etc.

Bihler's strength has always been the perfect interaction of as many processes as possible on one machine - and this via the central VariControl VC 1 control platform. Standardized, powerful servo process modules can be integrated in a modular fashion into production concepts on Bihler production systems and third-party systems for this purpose.

In action: BM demo block with NC process modules and VC 1 controller

3 NCA servo units
- Production output up to 1,000 strokes/min.
- Integrated travel measuring system (two-encoder control)
- Water cooling of the aggregate housing

Pick & Place unit PPE 1
- Production capacity: 250 strokes/min.
- Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.02 mm
- Repeat accuracy: +/- 0.01 mm

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Bihler at the WIRE 2022

June 20 - 24, 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany
Hall 10 / stand F18

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