Smooth commissioning

During the setup phase, our experts ensure the smooth commissioning of your machine and guarantee a quick, safe production start-up. Our experts assist you with tool adaptations for your servo-controlled machine and the optimum tool setup for new parts in the shortest possible time.

You profit from:

- Planned, target-oriented and smooth commissioning process
- Your new system is 100% productive within a very short time
- Higher cycle rates and improved accuracy



You want to ensure smooth commissioning of your new Bihler machine.

Our experts work with you to create a detailed plan scheduling all the commissioning tasks. After the controlled and structured disassembly of your machine in our tool making department, our experts from the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, control technology and tool making assemble your machine on-site and take it into operation.

The benefits to you: You benefit from a planned, target-oriented and smooth commissioning process for your new system performed by Bihler experts on-site.


Start-up support

Do you need support at production start-up?

During the start-up phase, an experienced Bihler service technician operates your new system. This shows your system operators how to handle the system efficiently during everyday production activities.

The benefits to you: Your new system is 100% productive within a very short time. Your employees benefit from the transferred know-how and put this into profitable use during future operation of the system.


Tool adaptation

You want to adapt a component previously produced on a cam-controlled machine to your new servo-controlled Bihler machine.

This means you need to adapt and use an existing tool with your servo-controlled machine. This is precisely the core competence of our experts. They have successfully completed more than 150 such tool adaptations. Our experts analyze your tool and specify if and which tool parts are required for an adaptation. We then manufacture these tool parts and set them up on your servo-controlled machine together with the existing tool. During setup of tool operation, we optimize the individual movements of the servo axes.

The benefits to you: You produce stamped and formed parts in the shortest possible time, with higher cycle rates and improved accuracy.


Tool spare parts package

Active tool parts are subject to permanent wear.

Especially during the initial production phase, unplanned production outages can be avoided by having a replacement part in stock for each active tool wear part. This is best achieved with a tool spare parts package created individually for your system.

The benefits to you: You benefit from secure start of production. Unplanned production downtime due to worn tool parts is eliminated.


LEANTOOL - Initial implementation and setup

You need to implement and set up a new LEANTOOL for your machine?

This is precisely the core competence of our experts.They were intensively involved in the development of this new tool technology from the start and have already designed and commissioned a large number of LEANTOOL setups. We provide you with this know-how during our consultation and guide or assist you during the initial setup of your LEANTOOL.

The benefits to you is that your LEANTOOL is perfectly and effectively set up and commissioned on your machine thanks to our experience and expertise. In addition, you learn from our know-how and can profit from this expertise for future tasks.