Focus on electromobility

Bihler technology has been an established part of the automotive industry for more than 60 years. Stamped and formed parts as well as assemblies manufactured using Bihler machines offer drivers maximum safety and driving comfort irrespective of whether they are driving on paved roads or off-road.

Today, complete oil filters, spark plugs, windshield wipers, seat adjusters and head restraints play a key role in the product portfolio of many suppliers. But Bihler also offers innovative, flexible automation solutions for the electrification of automobiles and for electromobility. Users manufacture complex components and hybrid assemblies such as hairpins and battery cell connectors with these solutions.

Move the world with us!

Safety in a collision

In the event of a collision, head restraints ensure that the heads of the vehicle’s occupants are not flung backward and in this way prevent severe injury to the cervical vertebrae. The correct adjustment of the head restraint is particularly important. It must be adjusted so that its top edge is level with the crown of the head. The height is adjusted using the tubes of the head restraint. These tubes are manufactured to perfection with different lengths, notches and angles on a BIMERIC BM 4500 servo production and assembly system – at a speed of 40 parts per minute and monitored by numerous integrated inspection stations.

The manufacturing process includes the feeding of the tube parts, the inspection of the tube lengths, weld seam recognition and the alignment of the different parts. This is followed by cutting and stamping at the various stations, laser marking, the radial riveting of the pipe end, and the bending process. During these operations, the system’s 44 NC axes guarantee that it is possible to switch between variants in a period of 15 to 60 minutes.

Electric Motor Efficiency

The advance of the electric-powered vehicle is a key emerging trend today. The business potential associated with electric vehicles is therefore huge. Bihler is actively involved in research and development in this new field of technology and is already supplying machines and systems on which important components for electric motors can be made.

On a BIMERIC BM servocontrolled production and assembly system a customer is now making a part known as a hair pin. In automotive electric motors, this part (so called because it looks a little like a hair pin) ensures that power is transmitted safely and efficiently. Twenty-two variants of this pin – made from round and flat wire – are manufactured on the BIMERIC BM. This highly flexible system can produce around 60 finished clips per minute. It performs every step in the process, including stripping, chamfering, bending, forming, adjustment, and final measurement of the part’s geometry.

Providing the power

The battery that powers an electric vehicle consists of very many individual cells that are connected to one another by means of a cell contact system. It is important to use a high performance cell interconnect which minimizes power loss, ensures the best possible equalization between the cells and is also suitable for fast, uncomplicated assembly.

In practice, the pictured cell interconnects are manufactured on the BIMERIC BM 6000 servo production and assembly system. This versatile system outputs four completed cell holders per minute, manufacturing not only the interconnects themselves with absolute precision, but also placing them in a carrier frame together with other connecting parts. 

For the perfect fit

In modern vehicles, vast quantities of electronics ensure the precise positioning of a wide range of different components. The motor housings are of particular importance. They must fit precisely around the internal components and must have exactly the right diameter. In this context, the construction of double-walled motor housings is particularly demanding. This form of construction increases the performance of the electric motor. At the same time, less force is required for forming and calibration.

In practice, these double-walled electric motor housings are manufactured on a GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine. The high-performance system is ideally suited for the high throughput manufacturing of stamped and bended parts and bended wire parts in small and medium batch sizes. In such tasks, the GRM-NC excels through its very high production speeds – and even in the field of housing manufacture, the output level is between 45 and 55 parts per minute. At the same time, the GRM-NC can manufacture the different housing variants without difficulty and ensures extremely short setup times combined with one hundred percent reproducibility.