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A successful performance

Dear All

Thank you for your visit at our booth. You played an important role to make our performance at Blechexpo a great success. On behalf of the entire Bihler team, I would like to thank you for this support. It was a great experience to present our pioneering production technologies and solutions.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Mathias Bihler
(Managing Partner)


Highlights at our stand

Successful with standardization

With standardized, compatible Bihler technology you secure your competitive advantages. Manufacture stamped and formed parts flexibly in small and medium batch sizes on the GRM-NC with LEANTOOL progressive.

When quantities increase, you simply port the modular LEANTOOL one-to-one to a BZ high-speed machine. If the stamped and formed part grows into an assembly, you can transfer the progressive tool to the BIMERIC platform for additional assembly processes. You have free choice and profit from optimal utilization of your machinery.

Open up new dimensions and experience a virtual journey to tomorrow's manufacturing at our stand.


Trend-setting automation solutions for e-mobility

Benefit from our wealth of experience in electric mobility. For many e-components, we offer trend-setting automation solutions – such as for shielding sleeves in HV charging plugs. These safety components are manufactured on the GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine using the modular “LEANTOOL progressive system”: with very short “time to market”, excellent process stability and extremely high productivity.

The exhibition machine produces 170 shielding sleeves per minute with consistently high quality. Variant changes can be carried out in minutes and 100 percent reproduced. Bihler tool technology impresses with its straightforward design and its high degree of standardization. The “LEANTOOL progressive system” consists of three standardized modules with 250 mm each. 60 percent of the easily accessible bending tool are reusable standard parts. This significantly shortens implementation times and makes the tool particularly cost-effective.


All-in-one manufacturing on one production system

In addition to shielding sleeves, Bihler servo technology also shows its strengths when producing battery cell connectors, ZSB circuits, busbars and hairpins. These hairpin-like components are responsible for the safe and efficient power transmission in electric car motors. They are manufactured on a BIMERIC production system with standardized machining processes – directly from coils of both round wire and flat wire.

The servo system combines all process steps such as highly dynamic feeding of the wire, cutting, NC-controlled mechanical stripping of the coating, simultaneous chamfering of the pin ends, pre-bending and 3D die bending as well as final measurement of the component geometry and inline readjustment. Variant changes take place “on the fly”, i.e. simply by calling up the stored data. Depending on the variant, the output is between 60 and 120 precision hairpins per minute.


New, clean high-speed machine

With the BZ2-S8, Bihler presents the latest generation of its BZ machining centers. Innovative features now make the production of more complex components with cam technology even more efficient – with increased production speeds and reduced maintenance costs. This means the BZ2-S8 impresses with cycle rates of up to 700 1/min. The reason: The completely redeveloped drive system. The machine is driven exclusively by servo motors. The slide units are adapted to the high speeds and are designed to be much more robust.

The newly designed circulation lubrication system with oil recirculation replaces the previous loss lubrication using the central lubrication system on the slide units and presses. The units connected to the circulation lubrication system are now lubricated as part of a circuit. The oil is then collected and returned to the tank. This drastically reduces oil consumption. Another benefit of the BZ2-S8: Existing BZ 2 tools can be used with minor modifications.


Virtual planning and communication

With Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Bihler heralds a new era in which support and service will be even faster, more transparent and more efficient. The Bihler VR solution opens up completely new possibilities even before the start of production. It allows the complete and detailed virtual representation of production systems and assembly lines. Everything that is subject to processes requiring explanation will be supported by VR technology in the future.

In the future, Bihler service will use AR solutions with the corresponding AR headsets to optimally support customers in operating their Bihler systems. In many cases, AR functionality can replace the traditional on-site visit of a service specialist. AR headsets and the wealth of experience of Bihler experts can often be used to solve problems much faster and more efficiently with a video call.


Innovations for bNX software

In the future, Bihler customers will benefit from virtual training in the NX environment. This can take place in the same room for several people from different locations. VR technology makes it easier to communicate correlations and dependencies and helps explain them more quickly. Training participants gain a more comprehensive understanding of their tasks and more detailed knowledge. And, at the same time, working emotionally with VR technology encourages creativity.

As a further innovation, users can now rent bNX licenses and the KinematikExpress package in addition to the previous maintenance contracts. With these additional license models without contractual obligations, design bottlenecks can now be bridged more quickly. They can be extended or cancelled at any time. A first look at the new NX-Continuous rounds off the highlights at Blechexpo. In addition to new NX functions, VR technology is also increasingly being used in the NX environment.


Modernize your machinery

The cost-effective BC R Retrofit Package consists of a new BC R control system and new machine components. Our experts will retrofit your old machine at your site within one week. After the BC R Retrofit, your machine including the new control system will be up to date and will have full spare parts support.

Your machine meets the current safety standards and is optionally network-compatible for the digital age. Additional features such as simple and clear operation of the control system, monitoring functions, handwheel operation for precise and fine adjustment of tool movements and much more now make your machine even more productive in traditional continuous operation applications.


Standardized stamping and forming frames

In close cooperation with Meusburger, Bihler has developed standardized stamping and forming frames with Meusburger standard parts for Bihler NC presses. The new frames of the types “tunnel cut” and “spring-loaded guide plate” are available for NC presses with forces up to 400 kN. The standardization of stamping and forming frames comes with significant advantages: they are significantly more cost-effective, and they are also directly available from stock.

Producers of stamped and formed parts already using a Bihler NC press can obtain the exclusive stamping and forming frames quickly and easily from Meusburger. If you are considering the purchase of a new Bihler servo stamping and forming machine of the type RM-NC or GRM-NC including tool, you will receive an overall offer from Bihler consisting of the NC stamping and forming machine including the suitable standard stamping and forming frame from Meusburger.


Bihler Lean Finance

When purchasing a new Bihler machine, we support you in close cooperation with our financing partner akf industriefinanz. Our goal is to ensure that your liquidity is maintained to a high degree. That is why we have developed lean financing solutions that are precisely tailored to your market and your company situation.

The advantage of our lean finance models “leasing”, “credit” and “lease-purchase” is that the machine finances itself through the monthly income generated. In addition, our models provide you with a fixed calculation basis and save you from using your credit lines. Another benefit: Bihler Lean Finance is completed by a comprehensive insurance package.



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