Setting the course early

During the development and planning phase, we first perform a detailed analysis of your component. We optimize the geometries and ensure maximum material efficiency. Then we design and develop the most economical production concept for your application. This means we set the course for a perfect production at a very early stage.

You profit from:

- Reduced development times
- Efficient production concept
- Optimum tool design
- Optimized part-specific welding processes
- Expert knowhow


Manufacturing process development

You need to design a production concept for a new component on your Bihler system and develop tools based on this concept.

This is the exact core competence of our experts. They have developed and implemented optimized production processes for thousands of different parts. We provide you with this know-how during our consultation. Together with you, we optimize the geometries of your component for production and ensure maximum material efficiency by selecting the optimum material. Then we develop specific solutions together with you as well as assist you during their implementation.

Your benefit: With our experience and expertise we can find an efficient production concept and ensure the optimum tool design for your application. You benefit from this know-how during all future tasks.


Material tests

You would like to assess the materials used for your component beforehand.

Our specialists machine the materials for the measurements and grind or cut sections according to the requirements. Then they identify and optimize the process sequences and process steps to create the corresponding sample parts. Required test equipment is produced with laser cutting or regular tool production processes.

Your benefit: In addition to the test results, you benefit from the know-how gained during searching and testing suitable materials for the production of your application.


Welding tests

To achieve perfect welding results in your production, we perform welding tests for you before the start of the project.

They help our welding experts to determine electrode shape and electrode pairings as well as the parameter settings for the welding equipment. Then the electrodes are specified and manufactured. When purchasing a system, you receive the sample parts, all parameters as well as the electrode geometries and materials.

Your benefit: In addition to the test results, you benefit from the accumulated know-how to design optimized part-specific welding processes.



Specially designed for your application, our experts determine the best possible process sequences and process steps.

Our experts optimize processes and create the corresponding sample parts. For prototyping, we rely on three servo-controlled BIMERIC BM 1500 production systems. The scope of servo axes ranges from NCA 2 to NCA 7. For calibration runs (bending), a 6-axis hydraulic tool is available. Required test equipment is produced with laser cutting or regular tool production processes. Depending on the extent and complexity of your application, order processing is handled by the technical sales or the project management department.

Your benefit: You benefit from the practical development and validation of optimized manufacturing process sequences and at the same time receive the created sample parts.


bNX Software

You want to handle demanding assemblies effectively and quickly create complex designs.

For this purpose, we offer our powerful Bihler bNX Software. It is based on the Siemens NX 3D-CAD system. The fully integrated Bihler software supports you perfectly when designing tools both for Bihler machines as well as for progressive presses. Forming studies are created quickly and easily and used to generate the resulting strip layout.

Then the 3D geometry and kinematics of your machine and tools are created using the provided 3D standard parts. You simulate all movements of your entire Bihler system in 3D, optimize the motion sequences and derive the required curve profiles or NC programs for the actual machine.

Your benefit: You benefit from significantly reduced development times as well as reliable tools with maximum pulse rate.

Here you learn more about our bNX Software