Always at your service

During production, customized preventative maintenance, original spare parts and the vast experience of our technical customer service ensure the highest availability of your Bihler machine.

You profit from:

- Maximum machine availability
- Quick replacement ready for all tool wear parts
- Precise remote diagnosis
- Fast, highly competent support on-site


Wear parts and maintenance

Your goal: smooth production.

A significant contribution from our Bihler service technicians. A Bihler service technician replaces the pre-defined wear parts of your system with new parts every 2,000 operating hours or at least once a year. In addition, our experts assess your system in detail. They list conspicuous or worn parts and evaluate and document them in the form of a report.

Based on this opinion, we provide you with recommendations. This means that we list the parts to be replaced and at the same time create an offer for their delivery. You can then either order these parts and install them yourself or have them installed by us at cost. Your service contract also provides the possibility to allow data access to your system by Bihler. With this access, initial diagnosis and a possible identification of defective parts is possible before a visit. Wear parts can be provided on-site and installed directly.

Your benefit: Unplanned downtime can be avoided, maintenance measures can be planned and carried out in the shortest possible time and weaknesses can be detected and eliminated before a system failure.


Tool spare parts storage contract

In the course of production, active tool parts wear out.

Which tool parts are worn after which period or number of operating hours becomes more and more clear during ongoing operation. To have a quick replacement ready for all tool wear parts, we produce the wear parts defined together with you and store them for you with a defined minimum inventory level.

Your benefit: You have access to these in-stock tool parts within 24 hours and can use them in your systems. Bihler assumes the capital commitment for storage.


Remote Service

Remote Service saves time and money.

On receiving your approval, a Bihler specialist will connect to your system, analyze possible faults and resolve operating and input errors promptly. A total of 40 qualified staff are ready to assist you at the Bihler hotline and in various specialist departments.

With the Remote Service feature, electrical issues can be isolated quickly. This can be followed by delivering the required spare parts, sending out a qualified service technician or solving the issue by remote service. In addition to fault analysis and troubleshooting, our experts also support you with remote maintenance during programming.

Your benefit: Production downtime can be immediately analyzed and corrected. No delayed, fee-based on-site assignment of service technicians is required.

Remote Service specification of performance:

Remote Service

AR Remote Service

Even more security in your production

With the new Bihler Augmented Reality Remote Service, we now support you even more efficiently in the operation of your Bihler systems. Together, we solve potential issues in the form of a video call much easier and faster. We are using the latest AR technology compatible with smartphones, tablets, and AR headsets.

In real-time streaming, our service expert virtually looks over the shoulder of your machine operator and guides him step by step. Graphic highlighting of real objects in the operator's field of vision facilitates handling.

Your advantages: You benefit from precise remote diagnosis and can continue production immediately in most cases.

Here you find more info about our AR Remote Service.

Bastian Hartmann
(Sales Customer Support)
Phone: +49(0)8368/18-296



Technical support

Bihler machines are noted for their proverbial reliability.

Should a problem arise, 22 highly qualified technicians are at your service. Our experts will find the solution and perform the required actions on your Bihler system quickly and efficiently. All this with the goal that your production runs smoothly.

Your benefit: You benefit from a fast, highly competent support on-site.

Fast help for machines, electrical and welding components

Hotline: +49(0)8368/18-200
(Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm)


Original spare parts

Original spare parts from Bihler are crucial building blocks in your value chain.

We have further optimized the availability of original Bihler spare parts. We have more than 30,000 parts in stock at all times – even for older machine types. Our experienced team provides you with perfectly organized logistics and delivery with the shortest possible delivery times.

Your benefit: Within one day, the parts you need can be supplied from over 30,000 in-stock parts. You benefit from original Bihler quality and ensure the maximum availability of your Bihler system.


Phone: +49(0)8368/18-135
Fax: +49(0)8368/18-115

Here your learn more about our original spare parts


Bihler repairs

You would like to repair the various units in your system.

At the Bihler plant in Füssen, our specialists repair valuable components of your machine such as presses, NC axes or electronic components (PCs).

Your benefit: During the repair, you receive a replacement component from us. This guarantees shortest production downtimes. All repairs or replacements are performed with the highest quality and at economically attractive conditions.