Digital tool for production optimization

With the "Bihler Analysis Tool", you increase efficiency in your production. The digital tool allows detailed data and error analyses and identifies valuable optimization potential.

In addition, offline programming and training ensure even higher machine availability. The software tool is immediately ready for operation in a plug & play process without any programming effort.


Analysis Module

With the analysis module, you can quickly remedy any errors that occur. Systematically limit the errors by specifically filtering data from your machine and preparing it according to your requirements. This simply brings you to your personal trend statistics. In addition, you can use the analysis module to identify the most frequent faults in your plant and thus uncover targeted optimization potential - this is the basic prerequisite for achieving higher machine availability.

Our experts in the Consulting department will be happy to support you with an initial evaluation of your analysis data. They will evaluate the results of the defect analysis and give you recommendations for action to optimize the manufacturing processes. This additional service is included in the analysis module subscription. Of course, our specialist departments will also help you to implement the recommended optimization afterwards.

Your benefit: Optimizing your manufacturing processes will significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your plants.



Offline VC 1 Module

With the Offline VC 1 module, new tools can be programmed, existing tools parameterized or other preparations carried out offline from the office computer without interrupting the plant. This increases machine availability and boosts cost efficiency. The same applies to training sessions on the VC 1, which can simply be held offline on the desktop while production is running. In addition, this module makes it possible to test the latest VC 1 version offline in advance.

Modes Programming / Training

- Offline VC 1 programming: Extension and modification conveniently from your desktop computer in the office
- Offline VC 1 training: Training of employees at the office workstation without interruption of production

Subscription model

*Prerequisite is the VC 1 order monitoring module

Pricing model

A subscription model tailored to your individual needs - you only pay for modules you need.


- VC 1 control software version 2 or higher
- OPC UA Server
- End device: desktop, laptop or tablet with Windows version 8.1 or higher

Brochure - "Bihler Analysis Tool"

Optimize production - save costs




Bastian Hartmann
Sales Customer Support