Customer Support Campaign 2022

Your company can enjoy the benefits that flow from greater production efficiency, and from highly trained employees.

To help reach those goals, we offer smart solutions and new products, such as the "Bihler Cockpit", which provides simple and immediate fast monitoring of the activity and the condition of your Bihler machinery. Our innovative bNX technology software provides your employees with the combined benefits of e-learning methods and classroom seminars.

Our Consulting Department shows you real-world examples of how customers can significantly increase their productivity and their production reliability. And, we have demonstrated time and time again the tremendous value inherent in Bihler original spare parts and refurbished machines.

Ask us about our special offers, which are in effect until September 30, 2022. We will be happy to show you how to optimize production and increase efficiency.

Yours, Manfred Grundner
(Managing Director)


Bihler Cockpit

Realizing optimization potential

With the new "Bihler Cockpit" product, you can visualize your entire Bihler production process, evaluate your production data quickly and easily, and realize valuable optimization potential.

This digital tool offers easy-to-use and clearly marked functions for production analyses, and for order and information management. The Bihler Cockpit is plug and play, and requires no special customization, so it’s ready for immediate use. This saves you the high installation costs of extensive MES systems. Plus, the Bihler Cockpit serves as your interface for offline programming, training, and update operations.

Special offer: Our experts will set up the Bihler Cockpit for you. You save half the setup fee, and pay only 375 euros for the initial installation. You then test all modules for three months - free of charge.

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Standardized communication interface

Industry 4.0 - the Fourth Industrial Revolution - offers the possibility of optimizing manufacturing processes and increasing machine availability by way of digital, networked production, and the attendant exchange of large quantities of data.

OPC UA - with its standardized interconnectivity - is the platform for the functionality of IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0. Through the OPC UA uniform interface, you get easy access to the necessary applications and essential data from your Bihler machines.

Special offer: Our experts will put together a package to enable you to retrofit your Bihler machine with an OPC UA compatible server.

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Consulting - New tool jointly designed

The Bihler Consulting Department provided comprehensive design support to Eberle Rieden GmbH during the modernization of its parts production of de-ion chambers.

The goal of the project: To shift the production of electrical components from a GRM 50 to an MC 82, and to increase production quantities, all while guaranteeing high process stability. In addition, a new stamping-forming tool had to be designed as a result of component changes.

The result: Thanks to Bihler's extensive know-how regarding such components, the consulting experts were able to draw on projects that had already been successfully implemented. Together with Eberle's design engineers, a new tool was designed in the shortest possible time, and was manufactured by Eberle in-house in a cost-efficient manner.

"Above all, we appreciate the wealth of experience of the experts at Bihler, the partnership-based cooperation and the maturity of the joint developments right from the start of series production. With professional frontloading, we reach the limits of what is technically feasible with Bihler - an important building block for our success!"

Gerhard Schöll, Managing Director, Eberle Rieden GmbH



Consulting - Practical GRM-NC training course

Weidmüller wanted its employees to be able to safely operate, maintain and program its newly acquired GRM-NC, and to be able to set up tools independently, so they had the employees take part in the Bihler GRM-NC Servo Stamping and Forming Machine Seminar.

In the four-day seminar, the experts from the Bihler Consulting Department provided comprehensive basic knowledge about handling the GRM-NC. They also taught the Weidmuller employees the basics about the structure and function, and the programming of the VC 1 machine and process control system, along with the various tool technologies.

An added plus: 60% of the extensive training took place directly on a servo machine in the training center. The setters and operators of the new GRM-NC, in particular, now have the benefit of this high level of practical experience.

"The fact that the seminar could take place on such short notice was greatly appreciated by us. The same applies to all the related services - with perfect planning from the hotel to the comprehensive transfer of know-how. Above all, the training time that was done directly on the "live machine" was very beneficial for our four employees."

Wladimir Enns, Head of Stamping and Forming Department, Weidmüller GmbH & Co. KG

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Bihler Technology Software

Blended learning creates added value

Customers benefit from "blended learning" on bNX, which combines the advantages of e-learning with those of face-to-face seminars.

Starting 01.04.2022, we will offer, at the Bihler Consulting Department location, intensive training in Bihler technology software. Real Bihler machines will form an integral part of the practical bNX seminars, and, for greater learning efficiency, we have broken down familiar concepts, and new learning content, into smaller units. This new training will provide our customers with a level of know-how that will enable them to create high-quality bNX designs.

New forming study: The focus of this new development is to foster higher efficiency, and significantly greater level of convenience in handling stamped and formed parts.

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Original Bihler Spare Parts

Maximum production reliability

Original Bihler spare parts are essential building blocks in our customers’ value chains. We have more than 30,000 original Bihler spare parts in stock, for machines in the current product range, and for older machine types.

Bihler components offer the benefit of high quality, and the reassurance of safety when used on Bihler machines. Our experienced spare parts team, and our dedicated logistics and delivery organization, ensure the fastest possible delivery times - at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Our special service for you: When your process modules are with us for maintenance, we will provide loaner units to you - free of charge. With the loaner units in service, you will be able to continue production reliably, and without interruption.

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An economical alternative

Quality pays off, and reconditioned Bihler machines are always a cost-efficient option. Equipped with state-of-the-art machine and control technology, they offer the same high quality standards as new machines.

Special offers: Order now, available fall 2022 with 12-month factory warranty.

Or - let our experts completely overhaul your existing Bihler machine - both mechanically and electrically.
The advantage? It’s a cost-efficient way to realize both a significant increase in production performance, and higher level of precision in your products.

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