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Efficient hairpin production

Halblech, January 15, 2020 – At the WIRE, Bihler will present an efficient manufacturing solution for hairpins based on Bihler servo technology.

The hairpin-like components are responsible for the safe and efficient power transmission in electric motors. They are manufactured with standardized machining processes directly from coils on a BIMERIC production system. The servo system takes care of all process steps: starting with the highly dynamic, slip-free feeding of the wire, NC-controlled mechanical stripping of the coating with minimal cross-sectional losses, simultaneous chamfering of the pin ends, pre-bending and 3D die bending, through to the final measurement of the component geometry and inline readjustment.

Designed for industrial production

Variant changes take place “on the fly”. Depending on the variant, the wire cross-section and the pin length, the output is between 60 and 120 hairpins per minute. The cycle speed is therefore around three times higher than with sequential systems, making the BIMERIC ideal for industrial production. Additional bending machines, cost-intensive peripheral equipment and space requirements can be reduced by using this complete system.


Bihler at WIRE 2020
Hall 10 / Stand F18


Successful cooperation

Halblech, 14.11.2019 – Armin Chiesola (Member of the Board of Managers / Head of Sales at Meusburger) and Mathias Bihler (Managing Partner) are proud of the successful cooperation of their companies. Bihler and Meusburger developed the first standardized stamping and forming die sets with Meusburger standard parts for Bihler NC presses. The new die sets in types 'tunnel cut' or 'spring-loaded guiding plate' are significantly more cost-effective and available from stock.

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A passion for Bihler technology

On September 21-22th Swedish and Danish Bihler technicians met for a reunion in Denmark. The eight men are managers, tool designers and tool makers with an overall experience of more than 300 years in Bihler technology. They have come together regularly every year since 2003, one year after their mentor Fini Malmros so tragically passed away. All of them have a background at Lesjöfors Fjäder AB. Today some of the members are at Lesjöfors and others are in other businesses, but still, with connections to Bihler. The team thanks Roland Nielsen for hosting them in Denmark.

Front row: Guiseppe Campora Denmark, Mr. Finn Rasmussen Denmark and Mr. Jonny Andersson Sweden.
Rear row: Mr. Roland Nielsen Denmark, Mr. Bjarne Petersen Denmark, Mr. Stig Nord Sweden, Mr. John Sörensen Denmark, Mr. Bengt Persson Sweden.

Standardised stamping and forming die sets for Bihler presses

Halblech, 15th July, 2019 - In a close cooperation Bihler and Meusburger developed the first standardised stamping and forming die sets with Meusburger standard parts for Bihler NC presses. The new die sets in types 'tunnel cut' or 'spring-loaded guiding plate' are available for stamping presses with forces up to 400kN.

The standardisation of stamping and forming die sets has great advantages: they are significantly more cost-effective, and they are available from stock. The die sets themselves also offer many product advantages – from precision alignment edges to practical anti-rotation protection, as well as helpful mounting threads in the plates for pull handles, eye bolts and spacer discs, and useful vent holes.

Stamped and formed part manufacturers who already own a Bihler NC press can obtain the exclusive stamping and forming die sets quickly and easily from Meusburger. Those considering the purchase of a new Bihler Servo stamping and forming machine type RM-NC or GRM-NC with die set will receive an offer from Bihler for the entire package, made up of the NC stamping and forming machine including the suitable standard stamping and forming die set from Meusburger.


Bihler part of the TOP 100

Halblech, July 1st, 2019 – Bihler has again been selected as one of the best at the 26th edition of the German TOP 100 Innovation Contest. On June 28th, 2019, the family-owned company was honored in Frankfurt's Jahrhunderthalle by the mentor of the contest, Ranga Yogeshwar – for the third time.

Bihler owes its top position in the innovation elite to its excellent internal innovation climate. Via the quality management platform “”, employees improve internal processes with suggestions and comments. “Our ‘’ integrates quality and process management much more into the everyday activities of our employees,” says managing director Manfred Grundner. “Thanks to this transparency, innovation is part of daily life in the entire company.”

A wealth of experience constantly available

The platform not only networks the Bihler team, it also preserves the knowledge from over six decades. Our wealth of experience is always up to date and available at any time to create valuable synergy effects between projects and to prevent the repetition of errors. Employees can also rely on a large pool of existing design solutions for new projects – a big plus if almost every project ends with a special system.

Image (from left): Pedro Gato López, Ranga Yogeshwar, Manfred Grundner (Managing Director)


Very successful forum in Göteborg

Halblech, 23.05.2019 – At the Forum Scandinavia in Göteborg the 31 participants from Sweden, Denmark and Finland were intensively informed on the current Bihler technology.

A main focus was on the standardized LEANTOOL progressive system for the servo stamping and forming machine GRM-NC. Together with the Bihler representatives Göran Bragd and Torben Theter, Stefan Krieg and Rudolf Anzenhofer presented how linear arranged tools can be realized much easier, faster and up to 50 percent less expensive by means of the standardized tool kit. Furthermore, the speakers presented the entire spectrum of Bihler machines - from mechanical to servo-controlled machines - for the economical production in all batch sizes.

Further focuses included the bNX software, the Bihler welding technology with the new welding control B 20K as well as the new services of the Customer Support. In addition, Mirko Miljevic from Axelent Industriteknik AB, new agent for Bihler from 2020, presented his company. And John Hansen from Meusburger presented in his lecture how tool components can be standardized efficiently.

Göran Bragd: "The Forum was very positive, both present and potential customers were very satisfied and impressed by the professional presentations."

Many thanks to all the participants for the intensive discussions we had.

Industry meets top-class sports

Halblech, May 23, 2019 – Yesterday, Wolfgang Maier (director of the alpine sports division of the German Ski Association) visited Bihler. Mathias Bihler and Maier talked about exciting parallels between industry and top-class sports. In both areas, it is important to reach the peak and retaining the top position. Wolfgang Maier and Mathias Bihler shared their knowledge and best practices concerning these topics.

The complete interview will be published in the new version of our customer magazine “b on top” in October 2019.

Supplier Innovation Award for Bihler and Schürholz

Halblech, April 29th, 2019 – At this year's Brose Technology Days in April, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG and Schürholz GmbH received the Brose Supplier Innovation Award.

The two companies received this award from the world's fourth-largest automotive supplier in recognition of their outstanding innovative achievements and excellent cooperation. Together with Brose, Bihler and Schürholz developed a pioneering production technology for manufacturing housings for actuation motors. Bihler's modular BIMERIC servo system served as the platform for a wide variety of machining and assembly processes such as stamping, bending, laser welding and the patented joining of covers and housings. The innovative combination of these processes has led to cost reduction, material saving and weight reduction.

Mathias Bihler, Managing Partner at Bihler, emphasizes: “The award highlights the great innovative strength of the Old Economy in mastering essential issues such as material efficiency”.


Very good attendance at Bihler Forums

Halblech, February 28th, 2019 – A total of eight Bihler events are on the ambitious sales program this year. At the first two forums, Southwest in Ludwigsburg and Northwest in Hagen, 131 participants from 79 companies learned how to secure their future with Bihler. 

The busy agenda included nine specialist presentations at each event. Moderated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Donhauser from Kempten University, topics such as the new LEANTOOL progressive system, the new B 20K welding control system, the new bNX version NX12, new customer support services and products as well as successfully implemented BIMERIC production examples were in the spotlight. In addition, Prof. Donhauser presented stamping and forming technology in teaching and research, and Thomas Enz of Meusburger presented the standardization of tool components. Both events were characterized by constructive, intensive discussions. The evening events offered a relaxed atmosphere for an animated exchange of experiences.

Scandinavian Success Story

Halblech, 03/12/18 - For exactly ten years now, Bihler has been working together with Göran Bragd from the Swedish company BEP Teknik AB. After intensive training in Bihler technology, he and Torben Teter began to explain to customers in Sweden and Denmark the advantages and possibilities offered by Bihler machines. And they were extremely successful. For instance, BEP sold a number of mechanical machines in Denmark and Sweden very early on. And with the introduction of the new servo machines, Bihler then had the ideal solution to meet the demands of the high-wage Scandinavian markets for the shortest possible tool change times. In 2012, the very first GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine went to Lesjöfors Banddetaljer AB in Sweden. In 2014, the Danish company Balyfa AS acquired an RM-NC, and a major Swedish customer ordered three BIMERIC BM 4500s in 2016 and 2017. This year a LEANTOOL-equipped GRM-NC will be delivered to Spring Systems AB in Sweden.

“We are proud of what we have achieved, but of course we are also looking forward to further cooperation in a spirit of partnership,” explains Göran Bragd. “We will do everything we can to ensure that the success story of Bihler and BEP continues for a long time to come”. And three independent companies are now working hard in support of this goal. These are ORIGIN Tool AB, which designs and sells tools for Bihler machines, Kinne Teknik AB, which supports customers in tool and machine optimization and provides strategies for efficient production, and Industrilogik AB, which offers maintenance and service support.

Bihler presents smart solutions at EuroBLECH

Halblech, Oct. 31st, 2018 – The 25th EuroBLECH has come to an end after four very successful trade show days. A total of 56,301 visitors from all over the world flocked to the place of pilgrimage for sheet metal processing. A pleasing number of them visited the Bihler stand.

Especially the world debut of the new LEANTOOL progressive system captivated visitors at the Bihler exhibition stand. With the standardized modular tool kit, lean progressive tools can now be implemented much easier, faster and more cost-effective, and complex progressive components can be manufactured with exceptional economy. Our trade show team presented these future-proof advantages impressively on a high-performance GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine.

At the pulse of digitization

Furthermore, an RM-NC with a lean radial LEANTOOL solution produced cylindrical precision bushings at a speed of 350 parts per minute. The latest version of the bNX design software as an elementary component of the LEANTOOL system was also met with great interest. And the new BihlerNET digital service platform made it clear that Bihler is “At the pulse of digitization”. With this smart online solution, users ensure the high availability of their Bihler machines.

A big Thank You to all visitors of our exhibition stand.

Bihler invests in the future

Halblech, July 12th, 2018 – For 15 years, Bihler and Kempten University of Applied Sciences have been cooperating closely. Now the two technology partners from the Allgäu expand their cooperation even further. For this purpose, the university received a new servo-controlled GRM-NC stamping and forming machine as well as bNX licenses on loan for their research and teaching tasks.

“With Kempten University of Applied Sciences, we have an experienced technology partner in our immediate vicinity,” emphasized CEO Mathias Bihler at the official machine handover on Monday. “The academic staff of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Donhauser performs excellent, practical research work, and their results are transferred directly into our development. Our experts in Halblech continuously support the researchers and exchange knowledge.” This results in valuable synergies for both partners and a high level of innovation, particularly regarding the rapid progress of digitization.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Donhauser adds: “The first-class equipment and the close contact with Bihler help us to perform future-oriented research and ensure the best possible preparation of our students for their future careers.” One example is the integration of LEANTOOL tool design in the lecture on stamping and forming Technology. In addition, students will create case studies for the “Bihlerplanning” WebApp during their project tasks. President Prof. Dr. Robert Schmidt thanked Bihler for the GRM-NC and is already looking forward to the next machine: Because this fall, Bihler will provide the University with a BIMERIC for research purposes in the welding sector.

Image (from left): President Prof. Dr. Robert Schmidt, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Donhauser, CEO Mathias Bihler

LEANTOOL manufacturing solution excites trade visitors

Halblech, April 23, 2018 – The trade show team is very pleased with this year's WIRE in Düsseldorf. The large number of visitors at our stand and intensive discussions are proof for the great interest in Bihler technology.

The Bihler highlight, our GRM-NC with LEANTOOL, was the eye catcher at our stand. Trade visitors experienced “live” how the servo machine produced two different safety brackets for cars with the same lean bending tool – with extremely short setup times, highly productive and supremely cost-effective. In addition, our visitors discovered how to use the free Bihlerplanning WebApp to create orders ahead of their competition. And visitors heard from our customer support experts how to further increase their productivity and efficiency with our new products and services.

Thank you very much for visiting us at our booth.

Bihler presents latest developments in Poland and the Czech Republic

Halblech, 29.03.2018 - The first two Bihler forums abroad in 2018 took place in Krakow and Brno. In six specialized lectures, the 37 participants from 16 companies were informed on the current Bihler Technology.

A main focus was on the standardized LEANTOOL system for the servo stamping and forming machines RM-NC and GRM-NC. Together with Bihler representatives in Poland and the Czech Republic, Stefan Krieg and Rudolf Anzenhofer presented how forming machines can be realized much easier, faster and 70 percent less expensive by means of the standardized tool kit. Furthermore, the speakers presented the entire spectrum of Bihler machines - from mechanical to servo-controlled machines - for the economical manufacturing of stamping and forming parts and assemblies of all batch sizes. Further focuses included the bNX software, the Bihler welding technology with the new welding control B 20K as well as the new services of the Customer Support. Intensive discussions with the participants rounded off the two successful events.


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