“How do I bend stamped and formed parts?”

The new “Bihlerplanning” WebApp provides quick answers to this and many more questions.

The WebApp is the ideal tool for planners and designers. It provides valuable support for component planning and quotations as well as during design for radial and progressive toolings according to the LEANTOOL principle. That is why the free App contains a sample database with a wealth of Bihler knowledge as well as tooling designs (strip parts and wire parts) in STEP format.


Useful source of inspiration

The WebApp is a useful source of inspiration for innovative solutions using the principle of similarity.

  • It offers an easy and quick overview of all aspects for implementing stamped and formed parts (bending sequences, tooling).
  • Additional information such as production speed, setup time and processing time per batch is cleary indicated.

We are continuously extending the case studies and other features for component and tool planning for you.

Free registration

You can register at You will then be able to access and use our WebApp free of charge.

THE hottest source of inspiration

- 1,000 professional users

- constantly new examples

- expert know-how at any time

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