Produce flexibly with Bihler servo modules

Feeding material, stamping, bending, forming threads, inserting screws, contact welding, mounting ...

Bihler’s strength has always been the perfect interaction of the greatest possible number of production processes on one machine – using the central VariControl VC 1 control platform.

Standardized servo process modules and peripheral devices as well as modules from partner companies can be modularly integrated into manufacturing concepts on Bihler production systems. They can also be used efficiently with third party equipment such as presses, automatic indexing tables and assembly and transfer lines.

Which processes do you require for your task?



        Servo processing modules

        • Radial gripper feed unit

          Radial gripper feed unit
          RZV 2.1

          Compact servo feeder for highly dynamic and precise material feed.

        • Processing units

          Processing units
          NCA 2 - NCA 7

          Compact and powerful servo processing units for an independent actuation of tooling movements.

        • Presses

          NCP / SP

          Powerful, compact servo press modules for precise stamping and cutting of metal strips.

        • Contact welding units

          Contact welding units
          Quickchange D1Q - D3Q

          Universal contact welding units for precise welding of contacts at very high speeds.

        • Thread forming units

          Thread forming units
          GSE K/KS

          Compact servo thread forming units for production of stamped-formed parts on stamping and forming machines.

        • Screw insertion unit

          Screw insertion unit
          MSE 2

          Compact servo processing module for highly efficient production of stamped and formed parts.

        • Conveyor belt

          Conveyor belt

          Quick and reliable transporting and positioning of components

        • Pick & Place Units

          Pick & Place Units

          Quick and flexible component handling with up to 100 P&P cycles/min.

        • Lift-rotate unit

          Lift-rotate unit

          Powerful servo lift-rotate unit for versatile and flexible application with independently programmable lift and rotation axis.

        Peripheral devices

        • Reels


          Compact, powerful device for secure decoiling of strip and wire material.

        • Feeding system

          Feeding system

          Compact, powerful feeding system with high feeding capacities and very short conversion times.