Bihler Servo Press SP 500 for progressive dies


Highlights SP 500

Powerful servo press for stand alone operation or in combination with BIMERIC

  • Easy integration of existing or new follow-on tools with the freely programmable stroke and stroke position adjustment
  • Direct drive via a highly dynamic torque motor for flexible movements during the forming process
  • For programming, only three values are required: stroke length, feed and opening value at bottom dead center
  • Motions can be implemented from all directions
  • Servo press is expandable to up to 76 movements
  • Quick-change tool systems for shortest change-over
  • Various sensor systems are integrated for maximum operating safety and long tool life


Technical Data

Stroke rate: max. 400 1/min
Nominal force: 500 kN
Stroke range: 15 – 63 mm
Stroke position: infinitely adjustable from 0 to 60 mm
Tool mounting plate (L×W): 1,000 × 560 mm
Opening size in B.D.C.: 287 mm
Column opening: max. strip width 250 mm