RM 40P


  • Universally applicable, powerful machine system for mass production of larger stamped and formed parts as well as sub-assemblies
  • High production performance up to 350 1/min.
  • Separate press module with 200 kN two-point eccentric press
  • More than 1,400 mm of manufacturing space in case of linear toolings
  • Lots of space for integration of additional processing units (contact welding, tapping, inserting screws etc.)
  • Tool clamping system provides minimum set-up time
  • VariControl VC 1 for intuitive handling

Technical Data

Stroke rate: Steplessly from 5 to max. 350 1/min
Press: Nominal stamping force 200 kN, stroke 12 mm
Slide units: Nominal forming force max. 60 kN, stroke max. 50 mm
Feed length: Servo feed: any, mech. feed: max. 240 mm, with feed cycle reduction (as option)
Material: Strip thickness max. 4 mm, strip width max. 60 mm (larger strip width on request), wire Ø max. 4 mm (depending on material and process)
Dimensions: Width 3,090 mm x depth 2,026 mm x height 2,320 mm
Weight Approx. 3,900 kg (without tooling)
  • The clear separation of stamping and forming processes offers more than 1,400 mm processing travel in case of linear toolings.

  • Various mounting positions allow for the integration of servo central mandrels (complete set-up from the front side).

  • Up to 3 mechanical central mandrels can be integratetd on tooling solutions from the rear.

  • The RM 40P has a separate press module with a strong 200 kN press.

  • All the electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication pipes are laid behind the machine paneling.


Brochure RM Series
Stamping and forming machines RM 40K / KS / P


Ease of use

With the VariControl VC 1 machine and process control system, Bihler emphasizes the keywords „Ease of Use“ and „Process Safety“ at a new, higher level. With state of the art software and hardware features, the intelligent control system guarantees greater efficiency in your production. The highly flexible control platform allows you to easily control even the most complex automation solutions in the field of stamping and forming assembly technology – on all Bihler machine types.