Rising raw material and energy prices, strict climate requirements and ongoing supplier difficulties - more than ever, material- and energy-efficient manufacturing is of strategic importance.

At the Bihler Forum UK, you will learn at first-hand how Bihler technology can best prepare your production for future tasks. We cordially invite you to the British Motor Museum in Gaydon on March 22nd, 2023.

In compact technical presentations we will present to you:

- the perfect Bihler machine and tooling solution for your requirement
- the new LM 2000 machine platform for new production dimensions with linear tool technology
- efficient and sustainable manufacturing solutions for components in e-mobility
- as well as new modules and functions of our bNX software and novelties in welding technology

Use the event also for an intensive exchange of experiences and networking with our experts. Simply register by March 15th, 2023 in the online form.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Your Bihler team



New manufacturing dimensions

The LM 2000 platform is the latest addition to Bihler's portfolio of stamping and forming machines. The machine platform is available in two variants, the LM 2000-KT and the LM 2000-NC. These two machines are state-of-the-art, linear machine tools that use cams or servo units in the production of stamped and formed parts from strip material. The LM 2000-KT is designed for use in medium- and large-size batches, while the LM 2000-NC is intended for use in small- and medium-sized batches.

Where classic mechanical stamping and forming machines are limited to the use of only individual tools, the LM 2000-KT and the LM 2000-NC are fully tool-compatible with standard linear tools - such as LEANTOOL Linear - or with parts from LEANTOOL Linear, or with the user's linear tool standard. In accordance with the ‘plug & produce’ concept, you can simply transfer your stamping and forming tool - one-for-one - and can then immediately continue production. The machines offer cycle rates of up to 500 1/min., and with a total machining length of 2,000mm on the machine plate enabling fast setup and rapid changeover, you will realize maximum added value in your production activities.

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Bihler technology software

Bihler will be introducing exciting new features of our technology software. For example, in our "Tool Design" module, we have added an updated forming study that offers many new capabilities based on a new methodology. Free-form surfaces are applied to specific stages on an individual basis, and complex parts are universally wrapped up to the blank. A linear presentation of the stages provides an improved overall view. All of these enhancements combine to provide you with an extended range of feasibility for the parts you want to manufacture.

In addition, you can clearly and conveniently define and manage bending and material parameters at all stages. The adjustment of definitions, such as pre-bending or overbending, are made intuitively, precisely at the stage of the respective bends, and the stages are updated immediately. Strip development has also been included in the new forming study methodology, so you will still have the option of inserting, the assembly component stages of the forming study into the strip development.

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Resistance welding in perfection

With the B 20K high-performance welding control system, you simply achieve better welding results. The B 20K combines all process, measurement and monitoring systems into one comprehensive system. Stepless welding frequency adjustment between 1,000 and 20,000 Hz guarantees a highly dynamic and even finer control compared to low-frequency technologies for even better resistance welding results.

From micro to macro welding processes, from resistance soldering processes to heating processes such as annealing, the B 20K covers an immense range of applications. Furthermore, up to 18 servo axes for e. g. controlling contact welding equipment can also be used to integrate press applications and other options in the B 20K.

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Stamping forming PLUS

The BIMERIC Modular servo production and assembly system provides you with maximum standardization and flexibility in your component and assembly production. Material feed, and stamping and forming processes, are performed using standardized modules. And, if your production requires other processes such as welding, thread forming and screw joining, or if you need customized assembly processes, the BIMERIC Modular has plenty of free space and PLUS blanks.

The BIMERIC Modular is also fully compatible with uniformly designed linear tools. The machine is configured at the outset with uniform basic equipment that provides the interfaces for linear tool concepts and the associated standard parts. And if, at a later date, you need to expand your production processes, the scalable BIMERIC Modular machine can be retrofitted very cost-effectively. The new BIMERIC Modular provides - all in one machine - better planning capability and flexible order scheduling, shorter delivery times, and greater reliability in production.

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Efficient solutions for e-mobility

Bihler technology provides efficient manufacturing solutions for many e-components such as copper busbars. Depending upon their length and geometry, a GRM-NC servo-stamping and forming machine with either radial or linear LEANTOOL forming tools is used. The highly standardized tools require only very short changeover times, and they thus provide flexible coverage of a wide range of variants. In addition, since the strip width is the same as the part width, material resource savings of up to 50 percent can be realized when the radial tooling concept is utilized.

With the automated manufacturing solution for hairpin windings, Bihler introduces new perspectives for industrial production. The BM-HP 3000 servo production system with standardized machining processes combines all required process steps. You benefit from three times higher cycle rates than with sequential systems, easy and fast variant changes “on the fly”, and consistently high production reliability.

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Machine and control retrofit

Upgrade your existing Bihler machines for new tasks. With the cost-effective BC R Retrofit package, this can now be done quickly and easily in three steps:  We deliver the required machine components to your site. Service technicians will then retrofit your machine and install the BC R control system. Commissioning and approval.

The advantages of doing the retrofit: The machine is up to date, with full spare parts support, and as an option, network-capability for the digital age. Additional features, such as straightforward operation of the control system, monitoring functions, and manual operations, will make your machine even more productive. Time required for the entire process: approximately one week!

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Digital value creation

Bihler's digital services will help you to set a course for the future. With the "Bihler Analysis Tool", you can visualize your Bihler production, evaluate your production and machine data quickly and easily, and fully realize your optimized production potential. This advanced digital tool offers you clearly structured features for production analyses, and for offline programming and training - all with the aim of enabling you to manufacture more efficiently, and with 100% quality.

We now offer individual training courses on the VariControl VC 1 machine and process control system. The courses are designed improve your employees’ skills at using the VC 1 system and are conducted on a “digital twin” of your Bihler plant. All of the VariControl functions and features that can be utilized throughout the entire production process are simulated on an actual VC 1 control panel. The employees can experiment on the VC 1 and can learn using trial-and-error - but all while in the safe haven of a training center, and without the possibility of interfering with ongoing production activities.

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March 22nd, 2023 / British Motor Museum, Gaydon

09:00 am

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Opening of the event

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The perfect Bihler machine and tooling solution for your requirement
Bihler production systems at a glance

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New machine platform LM 2000

11:00 am

Coffee break

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New CAx modules and functions

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12:30 pm

Lunch break

01:30 pm

Simply better welding

02:00 pm

Stamping and forming PLUS

02:30 pm

CTS Complete Tooling Solutions Ltd. – Certified Bihler Tooling Partner

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Coffee break

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Bihler Forum UK 2023

March 22nd, 2023

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