• Steuerungsplattform VariControl VC 1
  • Steuerungsplattform VariControl VC 1
  • Steuerungsplattform VariControl VC 1
  • Steuerungsplattform VariControl VC 1

Intelligent control technology increases production performance

Control platform VariControl VC 1

The VariControl represents a new generation of high-end controller that is setting new standards in the field of control technology. With the VariControl VC 1, it is possible to implement highly complex stamping-forming automation solutions just as easily as it is to perform simpler forming and assembly tasks. And the VC 1 is not just suitable for use at all Bihler systems but can also be deployed in combination with many third-party systems.

With the VariControl VC 1, Bihler has made the programming, operation and troubleshooting of all systems easier than ever before. This is because the controller has been intentionally designed to permit intuitive, self-explanatory operation and does not need any external programming units or any expert knowledge of computing. This ensures exceptionally short setup times, means that the machine is immediately available, and minimizes the danger of operating errors.

Intuitive, self-explanatory controller

By pressing on the so-called hotspots on the basic machine-specific image, setup engineers can switch straight to programming mode. This provides self-explanatory screens in which they can enter process data for tool settings, valves, safety mechanisms, NC movements or feed movements, etc. With the VC 1 control platform’s easy-to-use data entry screens, it is possible in the basic version to program up to 24 NC axes quickly and easily and integrate these without difficulty.

Perfect support thanks to bASSIST

And if assistance should ever be needed: The VC 1 control platform comes with bASSIST, a multimedia diagnostic and online help system that provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions which enable even less highly qualified employees to operate their machines easily and reliably. All the help functions such as information texts, operating instructions, images, graphics and videos can be called up while the machine is running. Thanks to bASSIST, qualified users can manage processes intuitively and optimize them themselves. It helps less highly qualified operators to correct malfunctions themselves – for example during the night shift.

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