Mechanics meets servo technology

GRM 80P „HYBRID“ – Stamping and Forming Machine

Benefit from the advantages of mechanics and servo technology on one machine – high dynamic and maximum flexibility. Manufacture your precision stamped and formed parts and assemblies components significantly more productive and cost-effective with the hybrid GRM 80P “HYBRID” stamping and forming machine.

•   Integration of several NC axes for easier tooling solutions
•   Central NC dies for complete setup from machine front side
•   More than 2,100 mm (82”) machining path with linear tools
•   NC feeder RZV 2.1 for highly dynamic, precise material feed
•   Rigid 400 kN press for high-performance carbide tools
•   Excellent accessibility to all processing stations
•   Easy and secure operation with VariControl system
•   High production speeds up to 250 1/min.

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Bernd Haußmann
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Design / Production)
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