Otto Bihler
Otto BIhler
Automated success with Bihler – this motto has been the company's objective for more than 50 years. To have targets permanently in focus, to provide the market with new innovative machine and system solutions that are constantly a step ahead of those of our competitors and, as a result, to safeguard or customers' competitive position: Over the last five decades these qualities have propelled Bihler from three-man company to become the world's leading concern in forming, welding and assembly technologies and have enabled Bihler to stamp its mark on the market

However, it is not our goal to rest on our laurels. The success story goes on. Day for day – year in year out…

Aircraft mechanic with a vision
The aircraft mechanic Otto Bihler sets up his own business in Füssen, starts to manufacture springs and develops the first automatic spring winder UFA 1.
An ingenious idee is put into practice
Otto Bihler builds the world’s first radial wire/strip bending machine. The machine is characterized by a vertical work plate which allows the radial arrangement of several forming units around the workpiece.
The success story begins
Extremely successful presentation of the RM 25 at the Hanover Fair.
Foundation of the company
The Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik KG is formed and relocated to the first factory building in Halblech.
Bihler Modular System
The machines’ flexibility and range of applications grow continuously. On the basis of the RM 35 and GRM 50 automatic punching and bending machines the Bihler Modular System incorporating welding and assembly is developed.
New fields of application
The development of welding units and electronic equipment opens up new fields of
Number of employees and product line increase
Various expansion projects culminate in the building of the second factory in Füssen. The number of employees increases to around 500. The product line of automatic punching and bending machines is extended.
Bihler of America
Bihler of America Inc. is formed with its head office in North Branch N.J. to further penetrate the US market.
New machine cause a stir on EMO
The first linear Metalforming Processing Center BZ 1 is successfully presented to a wide public at the 5th EMO in Paris. Its linearly arranged units which are mounted on two processing sides increase the range of applications and allow the integration of assembly operations.
CAD/CAM Software and laser welding
Bihler founds the CAD/CAM Systems GmbH & Co. KG which presents the world’s first
design software for punching/bending machines. In addition laser welding on automatic punching and bending machines meets with great interest internationally at the 7th EMO in Milan.
New impetus
Bihler application technology is given fresh impetus by the FMS Flexible Assembly System.
Extension in the USA
Bihler of America Inc. is extended with the works in Alpha
With innoavtions into the future
Presentation of the new generation of Multicenter machines at the EuroBLECH. This manufacturing system with two processing faces combines radial and linear forming technology as well as assembly technology on one machine.
New premises in Halblech
Official opening of the new premises in Halblech for machine and tool design, toolmaking and tool assembly.
Even faster into the new millenium
The Economy series and the series Multicenter Sprint extend the range of machines for the year 2000.
Entry of the NC technology
The first numerically controlled metal-forming system BIMERIC featuring electronic cams wins over the expert public at the EuroBLECH in Hanover.
The range of products increases
Presentation of the new punching and bending automatic Easytech EC 1 at the WIRE and the progressive Forming Center COMBITEC CC1 at the EuroBLECH.
Successful in-house exhibition BihlerTEC
At the in-house exhibition BihlerTEC in Halblech Bihler presents its complete range of innovative automation solutions with a spotlight on its new NC controlled process modules for feeding, welding, tapping and screw insertion.
Bihler highlights at the EuroBLECH
The innovative further development RM 40K meets with great interest in Hanover. Bihler also presents its new multi axes control unit VC 1 as well as the future oriented 3D CAD/CAM/CAE Software bNX.
Continuous new developments and optimized support
Extension of the RM series with the innovative machine systems RM 40P and RM 40KS. With “bihlership” customers profit from even more support.
New NC Manufacturing and Assembly System
The new BIMERIC BM 1500 convinces visitors at the EuroBLECH 2010 and wins the prestigious EuroBLECH Award
German Innovation Prize 2011 and Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment (IKU)
for the realization of the narrow-band forming laser welding process (SUL) for the production of so-called “Simmerings”® in close cooperation with Trumpf and Freudenberg
Output – not set-up
First presentation of the new NC manufacturing system GRM-NC at WIRE
Bihler celebrates its 60th anniversary.